Ibanez S 5400 NT

Ibanez S 5400 NT sixstrings.it chitarreThis is a very special guitar for many reasons. One because is a pleasure to play and get in hands. Then  because it has been purchased in Japan and last but not least it sound in a brilliant way. It’s an Ibanez Custom Shop electric made out of a regular S5000 series but with a lot of differences, starting with the precious pearl inlays decorating all the body and the neck. The body is really thin but capable of producing a powerful sustain sound. The Floyd Rose tremolo system is the golden one and it’s very easy to setup.

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Ibanez SC500 N

ibanez sc500n solid body classic sixstrings.it chitarreThis is a special guitar you can play for days without turning out tired or bored. It is a solid body classical guitar with nylon strings almost unusual and difficult to find nowadays. It sits there in the middle of the collection and sometimes it happens I played it for a few days, just for fun. The neck is perfect and even the amplified sound is quite good making it desirable if you need to record some guitar parts especially through computer interfaces using software plug-ins for effecting the bare sound.
The quality of the body is more than acceptable, obviously has nothing to compare to Gibson CEC but you save many, many bucks on buying it. The contoured body is sleek but the sound is still good with some peculiar sustain that makes this guitar adorable because of its little weight. If you can find one somewhere give it a try and buy it.

Paul Reed Smith 10 Top Custom

prs custom24 10 top six strings.itHere’s another special bit of my collection, the Custom 24 10 Top Paul Reed Smith 1991 with Tortoiseshell finish. It can sound like a Strat or like a Les Paul but with more power and usability. At that time I paid a fortune to get it and it was very hard because PRS made very few guitars, mostly for the US market.
Many thanks to Mr. Claudio Calzolari.

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Fender Stratocaster 1969

American Fender Stratocaster 1969 chitarre sixstrings.itThis one is my oldest guitar. At least the one that I still own because the real first one was another Strato but black that I sold for this natural one. Actually it has been modified many years ago by an italian luthier, Alfredo Bugari, that changed a lot of things, making a custom Strat, just an unique version for me. It’s quite heavy and the sound is a little bit too weak to be used comfortably: that was the way it goes in the early ’80s.
Anyway I’m still in love with this beauty.

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Parker Original Fly Guitar (1992)

Parker FlyGuitar 1992 sixstrings.itI was lucky to get in hand a pre-production Parker Guitar when I was at the KORG USA headquarters in Long Island around 1991 looking like a regular red Stratocaster. What really impressed me was the incredible weight: so light, I can’t believe it would sound properly. After less than a year I was holding in my hand my brand new blue Parker Fly with its contoured and peculiarly shaped poplar body. Still I love the guitar for its versatility and multiple sounds and for its fake acoustic sounding bridge, very used in ’90s fusion and world music records. With a weight that is less than two kilos you can use it on stage even for a Band Aid concert without feeling tired or stressed.
Still a jewel in the entire guitar world panorama.


  • Carved Poplar body
  • Parker custom-cast aluminum vibrato bridge, stainless steel saddles
  • DiMarzio custom wound pickups
  • 3-way mag pickup selection with push-pull coil tap
  • Graph Tech™ ghost® piezo saddles Acousti-phonic Modular Pre-amp
  • Custom Parker vibrato system
  • Only 1.928 gr.

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Fender Relic Stratocaster

The Fender Custom Shop Relic StratocasterThis is my first Fender Custom Shop guitar. I’ve been in love with Stratocaster since I’ve been able to recognize them. I don’ t know why but the shape of the body and the peculiar sound of the single coil pickups have always captured my attention to her. So this is it.

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