Gibson Chet Atkins CEC

Gibson CEC Chet Atkins classic chitarre sixstrings.itThe original Gibson Chet Atkins Classic Electric Cutaway (CEC) was a revolutionary solid body classic guitar with the typical nylon strings and a fake sound hole in the middle of the front top. As deep as a regular Les Paul guitar was great to play and easy to have and the leg or on the shoulder even for a prolonged period of time. It has just two controls, volume and tone, on the front shoulder, easy to locate but not so easy to manage.Mine arrived from the italian distributor one day in a distant July: it was love at first sight, suddenly, and for quite a few time I used just her as my main guitar to play. The neck, of course, is as large as a regular classical guitar nothing to do with the following models, more market oriented, with a different size to help people to play it. The guitar is a real beauty, the front as the back view.

Gibson CEC Chet Atkins back classic chitarre

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